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Weekly Option Trade Results

The results from recent trades offered through our membership service are listed on this page.

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Square Stock Price On The Move Upwards!

Square stock price is moving upwards vaulting 14% to $261.65 last week, with above-average volume in the last three days. And, “Weekly Options Members” managed to gain a potential profit of 108% within 2 trading days.

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Facebook Inc Continues To Move Higher Higher!

Facebook Inc shares continue on their upward trajectory. The company posted a 52% rise in earnings for Q4. Sales growth increased 33%, up from 22% in the prior quarter. That marks two quarters of rising growth. Members have gained profits of 352%.

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Twilio Stock Price Jumps!

Twilio stock has risen 4.04% on Tuesday, Apr 6. TWLO has gained $14.07 from the previous closing price of $348.43 on volume of 1,587,722 shares. Over the past year TWLO has gained 315.44%. And, “Weekly Options Members” gain a profit of 410% within 2 trading days.

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Intel Surges Due To The Global Chip Shortage!

Intel Corporation is making good progress with development of its 7-nanometer chips. Also plans to spend $20 billion to build two new semiconductor fabs in Arizona. And, “Members” gain profit of 335% within 2 trading days.

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Advanced Micro Devices Options Trade Is A Winner!

Advanced Micro Devices has staged an amazing turnaround over the past five years, fueled by new products and improved profitability. And AMD stock has climbed as a result. “Weekly Options Members” managed to gain a potential profit of 100% within the trading day.

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Facebook Poised To Go Higher!

Facebook has been a strong performer on the stock exchange since its 2012 initial public offering, and is well positioned to do even better. Several catalysts are working positively for the stock.....Members make 80% profit

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Weekly Options Trading

This article about Weekly Options Trading provides a definition, strategies employed and the benefits.

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Shopify Is A Winner! Playing The Stock Market Using Weekly Options!

Shopify, a part of Cathie Wood’s Ark Investment, which has been one of the catalysts for this trade; but also includes looking at the past earnings report, analysts’ positivity, Baron Funds investment and coping with Amazon competition; ....

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Bear Market Strategies

Bear market strategies are designed to enable profit in a downturn. Options are an excellent vehicle for thriving during a bear market as they allow investors to trade with the movement of prices.

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GrowGeneration – A Quick Profitable Trade!

A quick weekly options trade on GrowGeneration stock yields 25% potential profit in 13 minutes! With an earnings report due Wednesday, and massive expansion continuing, GRWG continues to do well. Another trade is being considered – don’t miss out.

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Weekly Options Special


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Beating The Market Using Weekly Options!

Beating the Market using weekly options saw “Weekly Options Members” Profit 644%, 245%, 69% and 70%, respectively on Palantir Technologies, Datadog, NVIDIA and Plug Power.

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Twitter Stock Leaps Ahead After Earnings!

Twitter stock took off in Wednesday trading after the social-media company's latest results and commentary helped relieve concerns. Weekly Options Traders have seen their trade that they executed jumped to 514% potential profits.

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Apple Stock Just Keeps Climbing!

Apple stock has delivered market-beating gains for investors, but this top tech stocks is poised for more gains. Apple is powering some of the most in-demand consumer products this season. That's just the start of why this stock is a compelling buy right now.

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