Welcome to the Weekly Options Advisory Service from Weekly Options USA.

To make the most of trading weekly options, you need up to the minute information, trading strategies, and the top-notch service so many clients have come to expect from Ian Harvey and his team.

Weekly options are a great way to focus on short-term movements in the market, especially in relation to current news events. Weekly options allow you to benefit efficiently from important market information, including earnings, government reports and Fed announcements.,

Trading weekly options successfully takes a lot of research and analysis, and unless trading is your full-time career you may not have the time to do all this yourself. This is where our weekly options advisory service membership comes in.

Weekly Options USA uses the same proven methods and research facilities as, but has a team dedicated to only weekly options trading on the US stock market.

Increased popularity of weekly options

Weekly Options based on index options were first introduced in 2005, and in 2010 the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) added weekly options on exchange traded funds and individual equities. Since then, the interest in and demand for trading weekly options has continued to increase.

This led the team at Stock Options Made Easy to establish Weekly Options USA as a separate, but connected entity, with the sole purpose of meeting the demand for an excellent weekly options advisory  service.