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Weekly Options Expiration Calendar 2023

Our weekly options expiration calendar displays all the expiry dates for which weekly equity options can be obtained in 2023. The calendar also shows all the expiration dates for monthly options, as well as exchange holidays.

options expiration calendar 2023


Using the Weekly Options Expiration Calendar

The key to the weekly options expiration calendar is shown in the top right corner of the calendar. The dates of expiration for weekly options are marked on the calendar in yellow. Expiration dates for monthly options are indicated in purple, and dates on which the exchange is closed for holidays are shown in red.

When Do Weekly Options Expire?

Typically the expiration dates for weekly options are on each Friday of the month, with the exception of the third Friday. The third Friday of the month is the expiration date for standard monthly options, and as such, there are no weekly options expiring on those dates.

The exception to weekly options expiring on the first, second, fourth and fifth Friday in any given month is when there is an exchange holiday on one of those dates. In the case that a holiday falls on a date that would normally be the expiration date of a weekly option, the date is changed to the preceding trading day (Thursday).

Adjusted Expiration Dates

There is only one  date shown on the 2023 weekly options expiration calendar on which an adjusted expiration date occurs, and this is for the weekly option expiration which would fall on April 7th.

Due to the observance of Good Friday on April 7th, 2023 the weekly options which would normally expire on April 7th will be changed to expire on April 6th.

No monthly options expiration dates are adjusted for 2023, as there are no exchange holidays which fall on the third Friday of any months in this year.

Breakdown of Expiration Dates by Month

6In January 2023, the weekly options expiry dates are scheduled for January 7th, 13th and 27th.

In February and March, the expiration dates for weekly options will fall on the 3rd, 10th and 24th of each month.

April 2023 has three weekly options expiration dates with an adjusted date on April 6th, followed by regular expiration dates on the 14th and 28th of April.

In May, weekly options will expire on the 5th, 12th and 26th, while in June the four weekly expiration dates are the 2nd, 9th, 23rd and 30th.

July 2023 will have three weekly option expiration dates, falling on the 7th, 14th and 28th of the month.

The weekly options for August will expire on the 4th, 11th and 25th.

September will offer four expiration dates for weekly option, which fall on the same four dates as do those for December 2023. These dates are the 1st, 8th, 22nd and 29th.

October offers three expiration dates for weekly options, on the 6th, 13th and 27th, and the three expiration dates in November are the 3rd, 10th and 24th.

In total, 2023 offers 39 weekly option expiration dates, giving traders of weekly options lots of opportunities to win with weeklys!

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